Utilities for Windows (.NET framework 4.0 required):

  • Oommf Output Converter - Program allowing calculation o TMR from *.odt and *.omf files.
  • Bitmap Gluer - Program for bitmap gluing, allowing easier analysis of results by watching two pictures of magnetisation on the same time (in a movie for example).
  • Asteroid - Program allowing finding asteroid from *.odt file.

OOMMF extensions v.1.1 (patched for compatibility with all OOMMF versions):

  • MF_CurrentFlowEvolver - Class introduces evolver that allows calculating magnetoresistance and effects driven by current flow through magnetic tunnel junction (spin transfer torqe and Oersted field).
  • MF_MagnetoResistance - Class allows calculations of resistance of selected areas of the junction.
  • MF_MagCut - Class allows cutting magnetisation value in selected direction in selected area.